Step 1:Fees to Sell your business

—— Marketing fees:

$900 + GST  ( Payable on enter into agreement)

—— Agents Commission:

8% on the purchase price Plus GST or

Minimum $ 14,900 Plus GST, whichever amount is the greater.

( Commission is payable on settlement date)

Step 2: How we value your business?

BAS (2 years minimum)

Financial statements from tax returns (with P&L and Balance Sheet) for FY 3 years

1x Copy of telephone invoice

1x Copy of Utilities – Gas + Electricity

1x Copy of EFTPOS Merchant Facilities Statement

1x Copy of Basic rent invoice

1x Copy of Basic Water Rates

1x Copy of Council Fees (if any)

1x Copy of Land tax invoice (if any)

1x Copy of Insurance invoice

1x Copy of Licence Renewal Fee (if any)

Turnover Report – last 12 months (e.g. Cash Register Summary)

Business Bank Statements (that can be easily understood)

Most recent payslips for all employees

Employee weekly or fortnightly roster


—— Documents requested for IM and Marketing purpose

▪ Copy of lease agreement

▪ Copy of Occupancy Certificate (if in existence)

▪ Copy of 

▪ Copy of steamed floorplan(from fit-out plans if available)

▪ 3-4 photos of premises (1 outside, 3 inside)


*Please provide as many documents as you could , and send all document to the following email address at your earliest convenience:


[email protected]