Our Beginnings

 Based in Sydney, Australia, ANND Commercial Real Estate is a tailored agency focused on delivering sophisticated solutions in business sales, real estate dealings, business enhancement, franchise growth, and management of leases across both commercial and residential sectors. Our method is personalized, adapting our services to meet the specific needs, objectives, and financial targets of each of our clients.

At ANND Commercial Real Estate, we challenge the notion of zero-sum outcomes. We are committed to the philosophy that success can be achieved without detriment to others. We enable our buyers to make sound investments in valuable properties and businesses, while also providing sellers with fair chances for exit and profit.

Ultimately, our goal is to uplift our clients and all parties we interact with. Our guiding principle is to leave every individual and business in a better state than when we encountered them, driving our strategic decisions and all our efforts. Talk to us >


Property & Asset Management

ANND Commercial Real Estate matches Landlord with the right tenant so that they succeed and thrive.  We help our Landlord to leave the investment property with us, so that they have the payday and outcome they deserve.


Rapid Franchise Expansion

ANND Commercial Real Estate is Sydney's most trusted partner to help established brands in Australia with rapid franchise expansion.  Our expert team has guided and helped brands to take initial concept to rapid franchise expansion.  Learn more >.


Real Estate 

Grow or create wealth by investing in real estate through ANND Commercial Real Estate.  For clients looking for passive'ish asset class to invest, we offers off-markets options through our network of builders and developers, as well as on-market listings.


Business for Sale

Our knowledgeable specialists initiate business improvements & change, and to shape your business for sale, so that expectations of purchasers are aligned, especially with respect to enhanced performance and valuation